dURING the last days i was involve in some kind of exciting and exhausting fast designing and prototyping. I had a lot of fun, and i learn a looooot! AAAlberto is my present for my local homies invisible friend!


First i would like to say that designing and thinking about a concept is cool, but way more is having your hands full of shit making some tests! So that was where i started, with some A shape paper models.

NExt step drill and place the LEDs on the A shape “stand”

Once i had that, i start working on the electronic control, this time i learn something really useful, try to use headers, soldering cables one by one means loosing toooooooons of time and effort. Also i need to improve my makingPCBs skills, to go for two layersPCB instead of just one. After soledering around 100 compents, and a few tiny cable we have……….

Once all the firmware was done (assembly) and all cables tested, i started the frame or box or whatever you want to call it. I used a thin aluminum sheet, and i have to say was best decision eVER, really easy to cut(using razor blade ). I am totally going to keep using it for my next project.

Ok now is when we arrived to the tricky part, how to detect when the mobile phone is inside of the lamp…well since day one i had a lot of ideas, first one was as cool as integrating a motion sensor to detect whenever the phone was placed, vibrating, or any external force moved the lamp. I wasnt going to use techy sensor for such a propose. So i was thinking for something like this. But honestly i run out of time so basically i was f**cked up.
BUUUUT a last minute idea safe mamahuhu (mas o menos) my life.

I decided to use the internal switch from my old arcade buttons. That was an unclean, bulky and really easy to break solution, but it WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORKED. So i considered it quite good last minute trick!

So moving forward we put allllllll the organs inside the beast! At this point I already added a red switch to turn on the lamp whenever i(Alberto) want, and the power supply plug 🙂

And finally i made it, 30 minutes late though.

HOPE YOU LIKED ALBERTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot of soul, effort, and love in it!

BTW Happy New Year for all my fours readers jajaajaj
2011 is gonna be amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!