LunaLight is a special light that you can wrap to your leg using VELCRO! It uses 4 high power LEDs, a switch, a little board to control the current and a switch. The idea and the slogan is something like “get LunaLight and ride the night”, the purpose is to be able to skate without any light. Qute funny that the day i went to shot a few clips during the night it was quite tough to find black spots!

Hit read more to know how-to

First I sketched a few ideas jajaja i know i am the only one who can understand my draws!!

Then i cut a piece of fabric that fits my leg.

And finally sew the velcro, and stitch to the fabric the LEDs heatsink!

And now some leg pictures with my super cheap running shoes!

And finally some video from the parts unused for the commercial (that i will upload tomorrow)!

I hope you liked it!