nOW is totally official i lost my camera. After visiting lostandfound office, my backpack was there BUTTTTT without my camera. She (totally a she) survive once, but not twice. Whoever found i hope you like my 2000 Sagrada familia pictures PUTOOOOO!


why (this kid) LOVE his 3D printer

Sometimes through difficult times the joy in others faces, helps. So dramatic and not my case, but after loosing my camera and being in bed sick for a while without touring with my Jisun…

This little kid explain in a lovely way what a 3D printer is, in fact i want 2!!

#4 Casa Batlló

#3 Casa Batlló

#2 Hospital de SantPau

#1 SagradaFamilia

Like LightYourselfUp Sagrada famila stills under construction


So far so long i cant say i deserve a holidays, bUTT in this case i totally do! Some really superextremelyspecialsile person is visiting me for the next month! So during that time i will change myself and become a tourist in Spain.

Everyday i will upload a new picture from my country’s beautifulness! So I hope you enjoy your Spanish virtual tour! My energygirl is visiting me!!! OEOEOEOEOEOEOE